My first name is the moniker for many different things. From Mount Morgan, to Morgan Le Fay, to the Morgan car and the Morgan horse. I grew up with a keen interest in two of these things; the King Arthur legend and my Morgan horse book. When a dear friend found her dream riding companion my mind started ticking. We soon had Kozi’s Mighty Samson and Shaelee Archibald in the same field.

It’s not everyday that I get to work with animals, and this was such a treat! Samson is by far the biggest Labrador you will ever meet. He’s so interested in what you’re doing, what food you may or may not have, how many pats you have or haven’t given him… He wanted to know what my black clicky thing was most of all!

Shaelee was perfect. Serene, at ease and loving Samson to bits. There were a few moments where our “Labra-Horse” (phrase coined by his gorgeous owner Cassie) preferred nibbling dress hems to grass stems, and we had many outtakes of Shae bursting with laughter!

I chose a bold Autumn inspired colour pallet, using many vintage and secondhand pieces. Wanting to layer block colours and fine textures to separate Shae from her environment. Finding these flowers around the water trough was such a perfect surprise! Our morning snack also featured when we realised the grapes were quite fitting.

Our team was in love with Samson. Courtney Baker, my hair & makeup magician, was in her element and having Cassie on board was superb! Samson often had to check how his shots looked in camera…

Sorry guys, just a quick break. Samson had to show off by rolling… not once, but twice. Such a dainty creature…

Keep an eye on Shae’s Insta for more of her modelling work, and Courtney Baker & I have many upcoming projects together!

mighty samson shaelee archibald


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