Sometimes you can’t help but choose the obvious title. Playing the runaway bride with Kristy Quade in the vine scrub of our youths! This shoot has aptly, though not intentionally, coincided with the royal wedding. Kristy’s dress is vintage Lifeline chic rather than Givenchy, but my girl does rock her Vestiaire Gucci belt well!

Kristy has the most enviable wardrobe, and has a knack for finding impeccable op shop items. She has a growing collection of RM Williams boots, Vestiaire Collective gems and is never afraid to remove an offensive polyester lining to rescue an otherwise remarkable vintage piece.

As well as having a laugh at the extent of our independence (perhaps helped along by some pre-midday champagne…) we decided to take things to a darker place with this black number.

Kristy & I have worked together a number of times now! You can catch our interview here and our favourite rooftop shoot here! You may be catching my exhibition hints throughout my Instagram stories, and it’s no surprise that Kristy is my muse for that too! We shot the exhibition series on the same bitter windy Autumn day, but how perfect a day it was. Neither of us can wait to share! For more information on the exhibition, check out those featured stories and the launch invitation!

For more from Kristy check out her Instagram and her blog Unchained & Insane! All shoots with this charismatic actress and fashion lover are styled by her.

All photography by Morgan Smith for the Morgan Journal.


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