Meeting new people is often daunting, but always rewarding. My catch up with Kristy Quade was no exception. As both an emerging actress and style blogger, Kristy ticks all the boxes. She’s witty, has amazing hair, an obsession with London and a ticket to a fantastic drama school. Well don’t I feel bland!

Tell me about your blog. Where did it start?

I always followed Snob & They All Hate Us. They got me through late night study sessions with their inspirational quotes and mood boards. Then I was going to apply for Vogue College in London and needed something on paper to look like I was doing something, so I started a blog!

Where did the name come from?

Ah an ex-boyfriend! It sounded different. I was coming up with random names and he came up with it. Well, at least he gave me that!

How would you classify yourself as a blogger?

A style blog, a mood board, and somewhere to write my funny little stories about life. I don’t like being too commercial.

You blog seems to be travelling along with you, but acting is your main focus?

Yeah it’s interesting being on set because I take my costumes and outfits so seriously because they are my character. I didn’t realise how much fashion is still a driving force for me. I want to look like a moving photograph.

“I want to look like a moving photograph. “

So tell me about your acting! Over the past ten years you’ve been back and forth to London. How did that start?

Any acting school says you need to see the world, have some world experiences so I travelled a bit after school. Then I needed to do some acting training, so I went to London and trained at the acting centre and did heaps of dancing at Dance Works. Then I tried to get into a drama school here or there, and finally did!

How many times did you say you’ve been back and fourth?

I’m coming up to my fourth VISA. I did two years, then back for two years, one year, then back for four years, six months and now I’m about to go again. I’ll go back for three years.

How have you made ends meet during that time?

I’ve done an interesting mix of jobs. I’ve worked at a meat works, an ice-cream factory, a hair salon. In London I worked in wine bars and in Harrods. So many different things.

Recently you’ve been involved in a film with NYFA. What’s that been like?

Loved the process. It’s great to watch the students learn and progress throughout the shoot. It’s great to make contacts when you’re starting out, so you can all grow and learn together.

“It’s great to make contacts when you’re starting out, so you can all grow and learn together.”

You also said you’re doing a theatre show soon. Can you tell me about it?

Yes! It’s at the Empire Theatre. It’s called Friend Zone. It’s happening at the end of May to the beginning of June. The script is 80 pages and I ran out of printer paper last night so I had to get old scripts to print it on! #actorslife

Just make sure you read the right side! So when you go back to London, do you know where you’re going to live?

Hopefully Hoxton, but the school is a bit out of London so I don’t know. They have a London campus & a Southend campus, and I’m going to the Southend campus.

What’s the difference between campuses?

It’s a different course. It’s a more creative course that I’m doing, not just straight acting. It’s by the sea so I may need to get a car and drive. It’s called World Performance. It’s a bit geeky. You do stuff like Balinese dancing and Afro dancing, we learn how to be writers which I really love. How to be a producer, so we can leave knowing how to make work ourselves rather than having to wait for work to come to you. So while I’m there I want to write a script, and afterwards get it done so I can produce and perform in it. I can then enter the industry with a show already done.

When did you audition for that? 

Last December. I flew home two days later and found out I got in only a day or two before Christmas!

That’s fantastic! You said it starts in August?

Yes! I’m so excited!

Back to your blog quickly, the photographer who was taking the smoke bomb photos for your blog. Who was that?

There were two of them. There was Robbie Bannerman. He’s so beautiful and incredible, and is such a wonderful artist. It’s so cute, he takes everyone’s blogger shots! It’s so beautiful! He’s taking care of East London. He’s so creative. Then there’s my long-time friend, Mairéad. She’s Irish and she’s a wedding photographer. There was this one where it was like a wedding shoot, so I got to wear a pretty gown. Her weddings are so beautiful. I want to get married so she can take the photos.

Sounds like you’ve got a creative group of friends over there!

Yeah most of my friends are actors. One of my friends just got her big break and she’s doing a film with Daniel Day Louis! It’s so brilliant, because we were whinging in a coffee shop about being broke. I was saying I just want to get a play, and get into drama school. She was like, “I just want to do good films”. She was like, “I do my vocal warm ups every day, but no one knows or cares”. Then the next day she got the call!

That’s mind-blowing that things can change so quickly!

The acting industry is so hopeful. A lot of my friends are poor now, but tomorrow could be rich. It’s fine, we just keep going. The optimism is crazy.

Between film and theatre, do you have a preference?

I like film because it’s instant. You get the performance high after you’ve done a take. There’s the pressure of always wanted to do a good take, because you don’t know which take they’re going to use and you want your standard to be high. I love working with a crew too. Then there’s stage, where you’ve got intense character development. It’s so sharp and you’re all moving together. Each audience is different. Each night you go out and party because the high is so high.

When you’re in London, what are your favourite things to do?

I lived near Columbia Rd and Brick Lane, which are pretty popular. On a Sunday Columbia Rd comes alive with all the flower markets. All the hipsters come out. That’s why every Sunday there are flower photos on my Instagram. I love Sketch, which is a restaurant. They have all different rooms, and one is pink and everything is crushed velvet. The bathrooms are like little spaceships. It’s so much fun. It’s where I take every friend.

What are your long term plans? Where do you see yourself in five years?

I want to start and finish my script and get it produced. It’s based on my family at a certain stage of it. It’s quite a beautiful story. I’d like to get it out there.

For more from Kristy, check out her blog Unchained and Insane, and follow her on Instagram and Facebook. This girl is going places!


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