Chloe Belchamber is the striking face behind emerging Brisbane fashion blog, Weekend Muse. Having collaborated with brands such as Beginning Boutique and Supre, Chloe is carving out an eclectic but accessible style niche. Between shots, we chat about the evolution of personal style and Chloe explains how the ignorance of others drives her to succeed.


Firstly, what inspired you to begin fashion blogging?

I’ve always wanted to have a platform. In my younger years I was obsessed with photography and then towards the end of my schooling I was obsessed with fashion, so I thought, you know what, let’s combine them. I have always wanted to be my own individual, away from everyone else.

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Where do you find most of your style inspiration?

I started out with this clean aesthetic, trying to do beauty how-tos and all of this white t-shirt kind of stuff which wasn’t really me. I went through phases where I felt like a sham. My recent posts have really been me. I will dress to how I’m feeling, whether that’s a sassy character, or a bit grungy, or sexy as. I dress to my character of the day.

How would you describe the evolution of your aesthetic since beginning Weekend Muse?

My style was all over the place. I would see a shirt with flowers on it, and think, “That’s really pretty, that would look really nice. I’m going to get it, I don’t care how much it is.” It was all about buying expensive things from expensive stores to show people I had great taste. Fashion is something everyone can do but style is something you need to achieve. I’ve grown into my style.

“The way I see the world is reflected in what I wear.”

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Your recent trip to Japan looked very inspiring. How was it?

I loved it! I’ve always wanted to be in Japan. I’ve always thought my style is very Harajuku street style, though whether I’ve been able to find that in Brisbane is a different story. I felt like I was home in a way. I cried with happiness in some stores. I didn’t pick up as many unique pieces as I had hoped, but even really basic pieces that I bought I haven’t been able to find in Brisbane. For instance, pleated skirts, I haven’t been able to find them anywhere in Brisbane, and then in Japan in the first five minutes, pleated skirts everywhere!


Which bloggers are catching your eye right now? 

Nicole Lucas, the stylist for Supre is insane. She’s all about glitter, colour, ripped jeans, mesh. She is my aesthetic at the moment.

Fashion Bambini. This outfit is inspired by her definitely! She’s so grungy. She takes a grandpa t-shirt and works it into her own thing. She’s so boss.

Shelby Hamilton has always been one of my favourites as well. She is so unique.

Everyone loves your changing hair. What’s the next style going to be?

I feel like my hair is my staple point. That’s all I ever get comments about. I definitely want to go a quirky colour next. I’m thinking pink or purple, or even just a different cut. I’ve experimented so much. I’ve shaved the back of my head, I’ve now got a fringe. I just love constant change.

“My style evolves and my hair evolves with it.”

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Who is Chloe when not Weekend Muse? 

This is going to sound really sad but when I’m not putting myself out there I’m kind of a little ball of sadness and brainstorming. It sounds depressing but I feel my biggest drive comes from when I’m not happy with the direction I’m going with, what I’m doing or what I’m producing. I spend a week in my house feeling sorry for myself, telling myself I’m not good enough, but that’s when I know this is what I want to do. I find my happiness when I’m putting together weird shit and being creative.

“When I’m not Weekend Muse, I’m no one.”

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How do you find your study of Journalism influences your blog?

If anything it makes me more determined. The course that I’m doing looks very highly at the bloggers who have made it, and I’m constantly putting my blog out there but no one really turns a head. It’s almost more inspiring that people don’t care about what I’m doing. They don’t care until you’ve made it. At the moment I’m hating uni because I feel it is taking away from my blogging. I constantly want to be creating but I’ve got assignments to do so I can’t. It’s definitely driving me more than anything because I want to make people who didn’t think I could do it or don’t think I can do it, go, “Ooh!”

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What is the next step for Weekend Muse?

I want to build up my platform so I have a voice and can help influence people on things bigger than fashion. I personally want to develop my blog into something more influential. Whether it be on body confidence or environmental issues. More about social change with fashion on the side. 


For more Weekend Muse, follow Chloe at weekendmuse.com.au, and on Instagram or Facebook.

All photos by Morgan Smith for the Morgan Journal & Weekend Muse.


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